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Discover Revlon Professional's Innovative RE/START™ Line

RE/START™ da Revlon Professional

Revlon Professional, a leading hair care brand, has raised the bar with the introduction of its new salon-exclusive range, RE/START™. This revolutionary line combines skin care science and hair expertise to offer personalized solutions for every hair type. In this post, we will explore this range in depth, from its philosophy to the specific products that make up each category.


  1. RE/START™ Overview
  2. The Philosophy behind RE/START™
  3. KERABIOTIC™ Technology
  4. An In-Depth Look at RE/START™ Products
  5. Detailing RE/START™ Products
  6. Usage Tips
  7. Why choose the RE/START™ line?
  8. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

1. RE/START™ Overview

Revlon Professional's RE/START™ line was created with a clear vision: to restore the quality and beauty of healthy hair. Powered by skincare ingredients and validated by hair experts, this range promises to transform the way we care for our hair.

Explore the full Re-Start range here .

2. The Philosophy behind RE/START™

Each hair type has its own needs. Be it dry, oily, curly or straight hair, they all have one thing in common: the need for a healthy scalp. The RE/START™ line recognizes the importance of the scalp in hair growth and health. With a dual-action approach, the line focuses on balancing the scalp's microbiome while addressing specific hair needs.

3. KERABIOTIC™ Technology

Innovation knows no limits at Revlon Professional. After years of meticulous research, the brand introduced KERABIOTIC™ technology. This technology combines the best skin care ingredients with advanced hair care solutions. The result? Products that not only respect the natural balance of the scalp, but also address specific hair needs, such as hydration, color protection and much more.

4. A look at the RE/START™ Ranges

The RE/START™ line is made up of several categories, each designed for a specific type of hair need:

  • RE/START™ HYDRATION: Products like Moisture Micellar Shampoo and Moisture Rich Mask are perfect for hair that needs an extra dose of hydration.

  • RE/START™ VOLUME: For those who want more voluminous hair, the line offers products such as Magnifying Micellar Shampoo and Lift-up Body Foam.

  • RE/START™ COLOR: Protect and enhance your hair color with products like Protective Micellar Shampoo and Anti-brassiness Purple Drops.

  • RE/START™ REPAIR: Damaged hair can benefit from Repairing Micellar Shampoo and Intense Repair Mask.

  • RE/START™ BALANCE: Maintain your scalp's balance with Clay Scalp Mask and Scalp Soothing Cleanser.

  • RE/START™ DENSITY: Combat hair loss with Anti-hair Loss Direct Spray and Fortifying Weightless Conditioner.

  • RE/START™ CURLS: Take care of your curls with the Nourishing Cleanser and Defining Caring Cream.

  • RE/START™ PRO-CARE SYSTEM: This line includes products such as Antioxidant Powder Primer and Repair Bonding Shot for a complete hair treatment.

Let's delve deeper into each product, exploring its benefits, key ingredients and usage tips. If you're ready to transform your hair care routine, read on.

6. Detailing RE/START™ Products


    • Moisture Micellar Shampoo: Gently cleanses while replenishing hydration, leaving hair soft and shiny.
    • Moisture Rich Mask: An intensive mask that penetrates deeply to restore moisture and revitalize dry hair.

    • Magnifying Micellar Shampoo: Cleanses and adds volume without weighing down the hair.
    • Lift-up Body Foam: A lightweight mousse that provides long-lasting volume and body to hair.

    • Protective Micellar Shampoo: Gently cleanses while protecting color and preventing fading.
    • Anti-brassiness Purple Drops: Drops that neutralize yellow tones in blonde or gray hair.

    • Repairing Micellar Shampoo: Cleans and repairs damaged hair, strengthening it from root to tip.
    • Intense Repair Mask: A rich mask that deeply treats damaged hair, restoring its health and shine.

    • Clay Scalp Mask: A clay mask that purifies and balances the scalp.
    • Scalp Soothing Cleanser: A gentle cleanser that soothes and hydrates the scalp.

    • Anti-hair Loss Direct Spray: A spray that strengthens hair from the roots, reducing hair loss.
    • Fortifying Weightless Conditioner: A lightweight conditioner that adds density and body to hair.

    • Nourishing Cleanser: Gently cleanses while defining and hydrating curls.
    • Defining Caring Cream: A cream that defines and nourishes curls, keeping them flexible and frizz-free.

7. Usage Tips

  • For Dry Hair: Use Moisture Micellar Shampoo followed by Moisture Rich Mask once a week for deep hydration.

  • For Fine Hair: Apply Lift-up Body Foam to roots and style as usual for instant volume.

  • For Colored Hair: Use Protective Micellar Shampoo and add a few drops of Anti-brassiness Purple Drops to your conditioner to keep the color vibrant.

  • For Damaged Hair: Apply Intense Repair Mask once a week, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.

8. Why choose the RE/START™ line?

The RE/START™ line is not just about quality products, but a holistic approach to hair care. By focusing on scalp balance and addressing specific hair needs, RE/START™ ensures you achieve visible, long-lasting results.

9. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Revlon Professional's RE/START™ line is more than just hair products; It's a revolution in hair care. With a scalp-centric approach and a wide range of products to meet all hair needs, RE/START™ promises to transform your hair care routine.

Discover more about the RE/START™ line and other Revlon collections here .

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