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Matte Foundations: 3 of the Best Foundations for Combination and Oily Skin

Bases Matte: 3 das Melhores Bases Para Pele Mista E Oleosa

Matte Foundation: 3 of the Best Foundations For Mixed And Oily Skin

One of the most asked questions by our team of beauty experts is about bases matte.

Those who have oily skin know well that not just any foundation leaves the skin looking beautiful and perfect all day long.

Most of them are not adapted to combination to oily skin and do not adjust to the skin's oil production.

As a result, they are usually foundations that come off the skin more easily.

They usually leave the skin looking like an uneven color (almost a dalmatian).

Awful, isn't it?

In fact, leaving the skin throughout the day is the least of the problems of foundations not suitable for oily skin.

This type of foundation not only stimulates the production of oil even more, but also blocks pores.

As a result, pimples and inflammation may appear as a result of blocked pores.

Therefore, the right thing is to invest in a good foundation with a matte effect, suitable for combination to oily skin!

Therefore, we selected the 4 best imported foundations with mattifying effect for combination to oily skin.

Take the opportunity to get to know each one of them and grab your favorite, without paying too much:

Bases Matte 

1- Revlon ColorStay Makeup Foundation Mixed to Oily Skin

With a very attractive price, this foundation from Revlon will win your heart.

In addition to a mattifying action, it also protects against the sun's rays with an SPF15 protection factor.

Another very good thing is the moisturizing and highly fixing action, keeping it intact on the skin for up to 24 hours!

2- Vichy Dermablend Correction Foundation Corrector

Yes, Vichy's Dermablend line is always in our indications and it's no wonder.

This foundation is really excellent, with very high coverage and helps to reduce redness and irritation in combination to oily skin.

As a result it gives a perfect finish, SPF15 sun protection and long lasting, it's all good!

3- Clinique Superbalanced Silk SPF15 Base

Imagine a smart foundation that hydrates in the right areas of the face and also controls oil where it's needed.

This is the technology created by Clinique for this foundation for oily skin.

Without a doubt, it leaves the skin protected, mattified and silky, effortlessly.

Did you like our follow-ups? 

Comment if you have experienced any of these wonders or if you want to try them.


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