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hair nutrition

Nutrição capilar

Hair nutrition, do you need it?

have hair beautiful and treated well is the desire to any woman, for this it is important to bet on some essential treatments such as hair nutrition that guarantees protected and full of life wires.

What is hair nutrition?

Hair nutrition is nothing more than the replacement of nutrients in the hair that are lost due to several factors such as the use of a dryer and iron, beach, sun, chemicals, hot water, among others.

The nutrients that are replaced in the hair in nutrition are oils and natural lipids from the scalp that are lost and which have the function of protecting the hair by creating a protective film around the cuticles. This protective film maintains hydration for longer, preventing the various problems that afflict us... brittle, malnourished, porous, frizz, split ends, tangled and lack of shine.

What are the benefits of hair nutrition?

1) Prolonged hydration:

Hair nutrition creates a barrier around the hair strands, thus preventing the hair's natural water from being lost.

2) Volume and frizz control:

The hair is more aligned, with less volume and avoiding frizz.

3) Soft and shiny hair:

With reinforced hydration, the hair becomes silkier, easier to detangle, disciplined and better reflecting the light, thus providing a healthy and shiny appearance.

4) Avoid split ends:

Nutrition replenishes the lipids in the hair, these lipids are rich in fatty acids that are sources of antioxidants that protect the hair from weakening and prevent split ends.

How to make good hair nutrition (step by step)

1 – To begin with, wash your hair with shampoo focusing on the root, massage the scalp with your fingertips and then rinse.

The most suitable shampoo is the one that has a cleansing and nourishing formula, which eliminates impurities without harming the hair's natural oiliness. It must be adjusted to your hair type.

2 – With the help of a clean towel, remove excess water from the hair.

3 – Separate the hair into four sections, two on top and two on the bottom.

4 – Apply the nourishing mask strand by strand from length to ends, always avoiding the root. Choose an oil-rich mask.

5 – Let the product act according to the time indicated on the package, the time varies from 3 to 10 minutes.

6 – Remove the nourishing mask and finish by applying the light conditioner, which is also very important because it closes the cuticles opened by the Shampoo, helping the mask's nutrients to penetrate the hair better.

Apply to lengths and ends and rinse, it will ensure more shine.

The frequency of this hair treatment it will depend on the need of each hair, and can be done every 15 days or monthly.



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